My recent Documents



While searching through Windows Explorer, I found a file "My Recent
Documents". In it are 5 copies of each of the shortcuts to recent copies.Some
of them are 3 weeks old. How can I stop this from occurring? Can I make a
setting to limit the number of days they stay in file? What might have caused
5 copies to be generated when I have Not accessed some of them since I moved
files to this new computer? I found out how to delete them but this could
become a pain quickly. Can I set a limit for the size of this folder?



You can turn off this feature.

right click on the taskbar.
choose properties.
in the window that appears choose the start menu tab.
click on customize.
click on the advanced tab.
then uncheck the option "List my most recently opened documents"

M. Rajesh
..Net and Windows Shell MVP

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