GRRR..."My Recent Documents"



I really hate this whenever I'm saving a file.

If the wrong folder is in the "Save in" field, I click the little down arrow
hoping to see the standard list of drives and folders like Desktop, C: drive,
My Documents, etc. Instead, it reverts to "My Recent Documents." (That's when
the 'GRRR' part comes in.)

It happens in the "Look in" field when I choose File > Open, too.

Is there a way to force Windows not to display the Recent Documents thing?

/oh, please, oh please...


Just a Windows Explorer, right click on My Documents
and select Properties. Make sure the Target path: is correct.
Heirloom, old and gotta go to bed

Wesley Vogel

Look in. Are you referring to Office files?

MS Word | Tools | Options | General tab |
Clear the Recently used file list check box.

Remove My Recent Documents from the Plces bar and add whatever folders that
you want.

[[By default, the My Places bar contains shortcuts to the My Recent
Documents, Desktop, My Documents, My Computer, and My Network Places
folders. You can add up to 256 folders to the My Places bar.]]

In this article
Add a shortcut to the My Places bar
Remove a shortcut to the My Places bar
Rearrange shortcuts on the My Places bar
Change the size of icons on the My Places bar
Add a place to store your files

Add or delete a shortcut from the My Places bar

How to Customize the Places Bar Word 2000;en-us;205041

How to customize the My Places bar in the "Open" and "Save As" dialog boxes
in Office XP programs;en-us;282087

How to customize the My Places bar in both the Open and the Save As dialog
boxes in Office 2003;en-us;826214

Customize the Places Bar in Office XP

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User


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