MY Policy on sending me a PM/email on this forums

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Mar 5, 2002
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Policy on sending me a PM/email over the forums.

Lately, I have been getting more PM/Emails and again I make this notice.

The PM system is there for a reason ... It is if you need to contact me on a certain issue other than the ones I have listed below, and nothing else. With that said, here is what I do NOT wish for you or anybody to PM me about if you are going to:

Support issues.
Simply put, I will not answer these. These types of PMs consist of over 75 percent of the private messages I receive over the forum. There are just too many people to deal with ... because of this, and as a result, I have elected not to be contacted about this.

Another reason why I have elected to not deal with requests for support is that I am not always able to assist any further than what my knowledge permits. In which case, somebody else will need to assist you on a question or problem you have, and if you PM me, another person who is willing to assist cannot help you. If a message is received on a support issue, it will be ignored.

Post it to the forum.

If you are contacting me regarding an existing topic I have replied to that you started, please post a reply to it ... Do not contact me directly. If you are contacting me regarding support and you have not posted a topic, please post your topic in the support forums, I cannot offer one-on-one support. However, I will make the exception if you have sensitive information that you cannot share out in public, such as a private URL, and I will only answer a PM on this if I request this information. I will also answer this PM if, and only if you have started a topic first. Rarely will I ask for this information, and I have yet to ask for a password or username to any account anywhere.

Asking me for contact information besides PM.
I have a private email address; however, it is a private email address which I only share with select people whom I trust. I do not use instant messaging programs, nor do I give out my email to just anybody, so please do not ask me for this. I have a form of contact, and if I wish to share it publicly, I will do so in my profile. Besides, you're already contacting me by PM, which is just as good as any form of communication.

Sending me a message personally attacking me for my views/posts on the forum/any other reason, or just being plain rude. No question about it. I do not take this lightly and you will either be blocked, or Banned, depending on the severity of the message. In a nutshell, don't contact me if you can't talk to me in a civilized manner.

Asking me very personal questions.
Although I allow people to ask me general questions, there are some limitations even there. I will not ignore these questions, but I will rather tell you that they are personal and that I would prefer if you did not ask them. No harm, no foul, but just letting you know.

If you agree to not PM me on all of the above, then you may send me a message. To tell the truth, I really didn't want to write this up. But for a few that do abuse the system; I am forced to resort to clarifying what I do not want to be PMed about.

I hope you will respect these wishes, and I thank whoever took the time to read this.

Mucks. :cool:
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