My Pictures , Display Properties and wallpaper



How come when I open my Display Properties on my desktop computer(XP Home)
and go to the Desktop tab to change my wallpaper it lists everything in my
'My Pictures' and sub-folder too. And on my Laptop(XP Home) it only lists the
root of 'My Pictures' and not from the sub folders.
What I want to know is....
Is there a way to correct the difference on my desktop? Is there something I
can correct in the Registry?

Jenny littler

I've also had the same problem as yourself and i've have searched high and
low to solve this problem. I have found two ways of doing this, 1 - set up
another folder in my documents and put all your pictures in there or 2 - put
more than 100 pictures into my pictures and this also solves the problem.
Hope this helps

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