System Restore / Desktop Display Properties



Today is 12/26/09 and I added a new folder and pictures onto a secondary
harddrive (D:) on my PC and set one of the pictures as my desktop wallpaper.

I then changed the date of my computer to 3/11/08 (to get a trial program to
temporarily work) and then noticed I needed to do a system restore to an
earlier date (12/23/09) of this year.

Once the computer rebooted, my PC was still set in 2008, which cleared all
my recent 2009 restore points. I also noticed that the folder and pictures
originally placed on the additional harddrive were completely missing (i've
tried to search every way I could). However, the photo that I set as my
desktop wallpaper is still currently being displayed. When I look at the
display properties, it does not show what the file name is though.

This leads me to think the folder and pictures may still be on my computer,
but I don't know if they are hidden or something? Is there a way to research
where the desktop display properties is actually linking to the file
currently being displayed as my background wallpaper? Oh, and I've changed
the date of my computer back to 2009.

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