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sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Thought some of you might be interested in my new loudspeakers, mostly because they are a single driver unit, no seprate speakers or crossover.

I'm feeling a little lazy so I'm just going to copy and paste direct from the audio forum I take part in so parts of this may not make sense but the main points are there. So please forgive my laziness.

The post:

Since joining this Forum I have noticed that certain fellows here favour loudspeakers that have just the one driver. I’m sharp like that.

This aroused my curiosity and eventually I managed to purchase at very reasonable prices a pair of cabinets from Andrew Ivimey and a pair of Fostex FE-126E 4” drivers from Phil (Pre65).

DTB visited Phil last Wednesday and collected the drivers from Phil and I collected them from DTB’s gaff yesterday. DTB has some seriously nice tech equipment if I may say so and he was busy messin’ with his latest project and in a state of some excitement, eagerly pointing at a voltmeter reading of ’61.1’ which I must confess meant nothing to me but I smiled and nodded and muttered ‘great’.

In all seriousness he did explain and the outcome is ‘clean and constant’. So now you know.

I had collected the cabinets from Andrew early last October from Bedford. Just a shame the journey totalled my vehicle but as the little fella once remarked ‘Kismet, Hardy, Kismet’ Or as I would put it ‘That’s life kid, just get on with it’ ;)

I mounted the drivers in the cabinets:


And fired ‘em up.

I only had a pair of cheapo stand-mounted KEF Crestas to compare them to so that’s what I’ve done. The KEF’s sound is critical on their spacing apart, the Fostex’s don’t sem to be largely affected by distance apart.

Here’s the setup:


Equipment is an Elektor magazine valve amp project, pcb, pair of EL84’s on output stage, 10 watts each; New World audio switcher; Project phono stage MM/MC/USB out; DTB’s old Goldring GL75 with Decca Pivot arm; Nagaoka MP11 MM Cartridge.

I was a little concerned a single driver setup wouldn’t give me enough treble so I made these up, all parts from Maplins. They consist of a cheapo tweeter (it cost a fiver) and an encapsulated 3K crossover each. In the event I haven’t even connected them, I don’t think there’s any need. So you can all stop retching right now.



DTB warned me the Fostex drivers would take some running in and to drive them hard for around 20 hours at least. Not sure what the neighbours would think of that but I shall endeavour. Because of this I was warned that initially they might sound a bit crap.

When I first connected them, one speaker cone was oscillating so I checked all polarities, turned volume down and eventually disconnected/reconnected and it stopped. I have not a clue why that happened and it hasn’t happened since.

Here’s what I think so far and I’m afraid I can’t help but compare them to the KEF Crestas for I am a human bean.

Where’s the bass? Ok, it’s there, but the Crestas deliver more. The bass is subtle with these but it is definitely there. Acquired taste? They need running in? Time will tell.

Stereo imaging is a whole country mile better than the Crestas, central voices are right there, in ya face, so to speak.

There’s plenty of treble but maybe I should point out that my hearing was damaged a little by some medicine four years ago, causing me to lose the ability to hear higher frequencies.

An audio test informed me of this, in the hospital, but to be quite honest I was unaware of it until the test. I can still hear cymbals and high percussion and it hasn’t stopped my enjoyment of music. The same medicine also caused very occasional tinnitus but it rarely lasts more than five minutes and sometimes I can go months without it occurring. So I consider myself lucky.

The mid-range is bright and if I was being critical I would use the word ‘harsh’ but it isn’t really, possibly borderline harsh and definitely bright. It’s clear and precise, that’s for sure.

I’m just playing a Bob Marley album and I am hearing little nuances I’d not noticed before. This is a good thing.

To sum up: Different. Quite unlike what I’ve been used to. Pleasant.

I hope to get a Denon 103 MC Cartridge within the next couple of months and I’m reminding myself these Fostex drivers also need running in so this isn’t the end of my judgement.

I’d like to extend a big thank you to Andrew, Phil and Dave – you’re all stout fellows.

And as a coda, Phil, DTB now has two boxes full of crap,er, sorry, around 40 vinyl albums the majority of which are in pristine condition with titles such as ‘Party Moog Hits’ ‘Stereo Showcase Volume 4’ ’40 Greats Of Jim Reeves’ and ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Soundtrack’.

Yes it’s true, I made that last one up. When yourself and DTB next come within each other’s physical presence you will receive this booty and I hope you enjoy them.
Jan 14, 2006
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Nice speakers FBS.

Beat mine which are from my 5.1 surround sound speakers from my old Mesh PC. In fact the only good thing from owning a mesh pc was the speakers were good!:blush:


Jan 31, 2005
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Thats a very nice looking set of floorstanders Flops. :)


Feb 23, 2002
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That's a nice setup you've got there Flops!

I have to confess, I didn't understand the audio terminology - but it sounds like you're happy with it :D

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