My Computer Freezing up for 25 seconds



Hi there.

For some reason, (self inflicted perhaps) my computer is having
problems when openening "My Computer". The same thing happens when
right clicking on the start menu, and trying to explore the contents
of "My Computer". I know its doing exactly the same thing anyway
but... Well, the thing is that is takes about 25 seconds to display
all the folders under My Computer (The Drives, Shared Documents etc
etc). The same 'freeze' happens if you click on back button and it
tries to display the contents again. I had some naughstly spyware
which forced me to tinker around with the Registry and of course like
a cow-boy, I didn't back it up and I suspect that i've somehow stuffed
something up.
I'm running XP Home with SP2. Any ideas would be most welcome.

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