Multiple worksheets feeding into one worksheet, formulas won't wor



I have data from Access exporting into one worksheet, the data from this
worksheet feeds into another that has formulas. The formulas in the one
worksheet are not working with the data linked in from the worksheet that has
the Access data being imported in. The data is primarily dates. The first
column shows "GO" or "NO GO" depending if there are dates in all three
columns or not. What I'm getting in the blank row(s) is "!rawdatab3" since
there isn't any data in that cell from that worksheet. This is the formula I
have in the first cell, IF(COUNTA(AG13,AH13,AI13)=3,"GO","NO GO"), it works
great when there are dates in all three cells, but if there are any blank
cells linked from the other worksheet it doesn't work and I have "!rawdatab3"
for the blanks in worksheet that I have the formulas in.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Mike H.

It would be helpful to know what is in AG13, AH13 and AI13 in this second
workbook. Is it a reference to an external cell. If so how exactly is it
linked. show me the formula please.

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