Data imported into Excel from Access



I hope I can explain this....

I have an Excel spreadsheet that feeds an Access database (one time). We
update the database frequently. At least once a day we export data to Excel
in a worksheet; however this worksheet is not in the format we need. So we
have the data in this spreadsheet linked to another worksheet (same workbook)
with the formulas we use. The problem we are encountering is that the
values we get with the columns with formulas are not calculating correctly.
The cell values in the columns are suppose to be dates or "yes/no"; the
formulas are simple counta or count functions. What is happening is that
everything is being counted whether the cell has an actual value or not.
When you click in the blank cell it shows "=RawData!L5", RawData is the
worksheet that Access exports the data to.

We do this instead of a "report" in Access because our higher headquarters
requires this data in Excel and doesn't use Access.

Appreciate any help.



Norman Jones

Hi Bernie,

It is rarely necessary or desirable to open
a new thread with a verbatim copy of a
post which is only a few hours old.

Most requests receive a very rapid
response in this NG, however patience is
sometimes an underrated virtue, :)

If you feel that your original post requires
elucidation, then post such additional detail
in a response to the original post.

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