Multiple single domains in multiple single forests



Hi all,

I have a number of forests, each with one domain in it.

As an example:

Forest & Domain:

Each domain in each forest has only one DC, which is not ideal, but they
are small offices (less than 15 users in each).

These offices all have connectivity to the main office.

They all operate indepentently, which is fine. But, I am now rolling out
policies to all offices, and before I do, I want to be able to admin
each of these forests from my office.

I know I can do it thru AD Domains and Trusts wrt the trust information,
but is it possible to add other forests to AD users and computers?

or am i coming at this from the wrong angle?




Ryan Hanisco

You can mange these domains remotely from your workstation with.

The 2003 Admin tools:

Or the RDP client:

You may want to think about long term forest and domain consolidation...
This will be a pain to do, but will save a load of time in the long run.
Give it some thought unless you have a really good reason to keep them

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