Migrating forests


Gurvinder nijjar

We are running a windows 2000 native domain and have just installed a
windows 2003 DC and moved all the OM roles to this domain controller. We
have 2 domains in our forest.

We have now purchased another company who have a windows 2003 native network
and have setup a external trust between their forest and our forest.

We have now want to combine their forest into ours, basically we want all
their servers into our forest and domain so that we have one forest and

We also have a exchange 2003 network and the other company also has an
exchange 2003 server and we have also want their exchange server to be in
our exchange 2003 organisation.

I need to know the best way to do this or steps i need to take or if there
are any articles on how to do this.
Is it best also if we migrate our windows 2000 forest to a windows 2003
forest first as well.



Jorge de Almeida Pinto [MVP - DS]

you cannot merge forest into each other. the only way is to migrate stuff
from one domain/forest to ther other.

you will need to do an inter forest migration and a inter org migration. you
will not be able to MOVE the exchange server into your forest/domain as you
must migrate the mailboxes and possibly other exchange stuff



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