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We have a windows 2000 root domain (single domain tree) and have created organisation units that represent each city
Our company has recently acquired a company in another country. We are now planning to create trusts between the 2 forests
Is anything at all replicated in active directory between the two forests once the trusts have been created ? What are the disadvantages of having multiple forests
And what are the advantages of having one forest but multiple domains (trees)

Can anyone help?



Johan Arwidmark

One a Advantage is that you can have different schemas

Some disadvantages are additional administration, more DC:s equals
more things to keep running...

If you can go for a single forest i suggest you do..

regarding multiple domains...I see it this only need multiple
domain when you or the other admins for some reason can not

The reasons can be political or pure technical: Tthis can be due to
lack of replication connectivity, this can be due to demandsd for
different security policies...

If you can fulfill the company and business requirements with only one
forest and one domain, this will give you (IMHO) the lowest TCO

Johan Arwidmark

Windows User Group - Nordic

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