multiple mail accounts/default and others


John Keith

I have two mail accounts set up in my OL98/WinXP. I receive mail from
both accounts but normally only send mail from my primary account
which is also set as my default. But occassionally I will get mail on
the secondary account (which is primarily an incoming mail only) that
I want to reply to. But I find that when I reply to that incoming mail
and then send/receive using that secondary (non-defualt) account the
mail is not sent and remains in my outbox. But I've also tried to
forward that message (rather than reply) and insert the reply to
address in the to: field and use my primary (default) account but even
in this case the mail is not sent and remains in my outbox.

What is the operating rules on how default and other mail accounts
intereact? Do I have to change the default to the secondary account
when I'm downloading mail from it to be able to reply to those
messages and then change the default back to my primary account?

Do later versions of Outlook operate this same way? If there is a
cleaner way of dealing with multiple mail accounts maybe I could
finally be convinced to upgrade.

John Keith
(e-mail address removed)




I remember dealing with older versions of Outlook that only allowed you to
send from the account that received the message. Outlook 2003 does allow
you to switch accounts--I use this feature all the time. So yes, they fixed
the problem.

In the interim, I'd bet that the reason your messages aren't being sent has
something to do with the SMTP server that's configured on the secondary


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