Outlook 2003 Signatures and Multiple Accounts



Hi, I'm having an issue that I haven't seen anyone bring up regarding
signatures and multiple accounts.
In Outlook 2003, I have 5 pop/smtp accounts, one of which is a work account
and I have a signature assigned to it for new messages, and for replies and
forwards, however this work account is not my default mail account. So
what happens is I open the new mail window, which defaults to my personal
account, so no signature, then I click on the Accounts button in the new
mail, select my work account but the signature doesn't appear.
It does work in replies and forwards if the mail was originally sent to the
work account.

Is there any way to make switching the account trigger a check to insert
the signature? Annoyingly I don't even see any means in the menu to insert
the signature manually.


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