Multiple Copies of attachments received by recipients



I have read that at least three of us have posted the
similar problem of sending an attachment (mine is photos)
the mail hangs in Outlook 2002 for a while appearing NOT
to send, but it sends up to six copies of the same e-
mail. One person is loosing business because clients
think she is spamming them. I think this is an Outlook
problem with Microsoft as the three posts all have
different computers, mine is a Dell and different
servers, mine is SBC, one is, not sure of the
other. Attempts to contact Microsoft end up with contact
your manufacturer. HELP




Have you updated office/outlook and windows? I would
start there. Then, I would start with a simple
attachment such as a text document. If that goes through
without a problem, try another image. If it happens, try
a different POP email.

Let me know how it goes.

Good Luck,

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