MUI Language problem.



Hi all,

I use all the MUI packages in my XPe device.
But I got the problem:
If I add the component of Chinese Language support(CHT)and
fonts, I can not add the keyboard locale and layout for
other countries. I can only use the English keyboard.

If I remove the component of Chinese Language support,
and I can change the locale and keyboard layout for other

Is it normal?




Lynda Allen [MS]


Are you trying to change the keyboard in Target Designer or in your runtime
after it has deployed?

If you are trying to change the keyboard in the runtime using Control Panel,
then there is a bug on this issue. Try the following workaround in this
Steps for a manual workaround ---
1) Add the IME Prototype component to your configuration and expand it
2) Click on registry keys
3) Scroll up so that the Extra Registry Settings at the top of the
configuration can be seen
4) Drag the keys from the IME Prototype component to the Extra Registry
Settings area (or copy/paste them)
**note** the Run key for CTFMON.EXE is the only key in the IME Prototype
component that is not needed.

Steps for an automatic workaround (this will have a greater footprint
1) Add the IME Prototype component
2) Run Check Dependencies
3) Build
Hope this helps,


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