MSN Inbox empty after installing Outlook Connector (Vista 64-bit)




I have Outlook 2007 on a 64-bit Vista system. I downloaded and
installed Outlook Connector (version 12.0.6414.1000) so that I could
get my hotmail (BTW, my email id ends with "", not

When I add my msn account in the Outlook Connector dialog and restart
Outlook, I get the message "Please wait while we set up your mail box
for first use". While waiting I notice in my Outlook folder in Windows
Explorer that the new ost file in is increasing in size, so it looks
good. After 15 minutes or so the "Please wait" message goes away and
the ost file stops increasing in size at 196,443KB. So it seems to be
finished syncing.

When I go to look at my MSN folders, it looks like they are all
populated except the Inbox. When I look at the Calendar I get message
"The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem
persists, restart outlook." I see my MSN calendar but all the
appointments are missing (the calendar is blank). I get the same
"unknown error" message when I look at the MSN Contacts, but the
contacts are there.

I went to the Event Viewer and noticed 2 instances of this error:

Faulting application OUTLOOK.EXE, version 12.0.6316.5000, time stamp
0x4833a470, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 6.0.6001.18000, time
stamp 0x4791a783, exception code 0xc0000374, fault offset 0x000aada3,
process id 0x12c0, application start time 0x01c9737671e3ba1f.

Kinda scary that ntdll.dll faulted. I wonder if this is a 64-bit Vista

Why would all my folders populate except the Inbox, the most important
one ? And how can I learn what the "unknown error" is ? I wonder if
the unknown error is what I found in the Event Viewer ? Are there
other (Outlook) logs I can look at ? Are there detailed logs I can
enable ? How can I get more info to know what is wrong ?

I tried removing and adding the MSN account several times. I also re-
installed Outlook Connector. Problem still there.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can provide.




Earle Horton

I recommend trying again. I have OLC on 32-bit Vista Ultimate and I am
seeing none of the problems you describe. Every once in a while Outlook
exits abnormally and leaves message in an inconsistent state though. ;^)

"" versus "" shouldn't make any difference unless you have
one of the paid account types.

It's not that big a deal if ntdll.dll faults because an application passed
it a bad pointer.




I tried this many, many times. Happens every time. I am convinced its
unique to 64-bit vista. I did the same thing on my wife's PC who has
32-bit vista and none of the problems occurred.




I too have Vista64 and am experiencing consitant problems with OLC for my
HOTMAIL account. Got it to finally work ok after several restarts then...
all of the sudden... Outlook started behaving very inconsitently. Data
checks... preview pane hanging... send/receive hanging on OLC... etc...!
After removing OLC... everything has been fine. I too am convinced it is a
64 issue. Have you had any luck in resolving the issue?


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