msls.dll bad image file?



I am running windows xp home sp2. I have had it installed for 3 years and
everything was fine until recently. I also run Norten, and adaware. I am not
sure if I aquired a virus, or my windows became corrupt or just my hard drive
is failing. When I try to open certain programs I get an error saying
C:\windows \system32\msls.dll is a bad image file. I can longer open
Norten,Roxio, AOL, Help and support , system restore without getting this
error. I have tried opening system restore from msconfig and I get the same
error. I have be able to run check disk . the firsrt time it found these boot
sectors an files that were bad and replaced them.
1734-mscat32.dll, 1769-msls31.dll, 5545-winhlp32.exe, 87072-msxml4r.dll,
87431-fadingss.scr. Upon restart, I am still getting the same errors. I am
unable to connect to the internet. When I open IE, the browser opens, but
just the window and tollbar are there. I dont even get the in the
address bar. However I was able to drag files off of this PC using my laptop
and home wireless network. When I try to open device manager the page is
blank. I can access admistative tools, control panel, msconfig. I wish I
could get to restore, I have always used this in the past , but without it I
dont know how to fix my pc. Any ides? or should I just use the recovery cd
that came with my pc and reformat?



Pat Garard

G'Day Ms Sandy,

It sounds very much like your HDD has already failed - only a Tech
will tell for sure.

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