MSIE Fake antivirus scan web page

Discussion in 'Windows XP Security' started by David Martin, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. David Martin

    David Martin Guest

    Has anyone had the above pop up over and over
    disrupting work? Norton blocks it, but XP has
    to be rebooted to get the fake page off the
    David Martin, Feb 1, 2010
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  2. David Martin

    MowGreen Guest

    Above ? What's supposed to be above ? Apparently Norton blocked it and
    it's not showing.
    Try MBAM:

    Fake Windows Security Center Analysis and Removal

    * -343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    "Security updates should *never* have *non-security content* prechecked
    MowGreen, Feb 1, 2010
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