XP: Process Guard free and RogueJS/Fake PAV (trojan)

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Lance Donnelson

I just had an interesting experience. I was surfing the net and
picked up RogueJS/Fake PAV. My OS: XP; my antimalware: Online Armor
Firewall, MSSE, and Process Guard free, with crippled potency. PG
free allows me to put all processes under protection, and I am allowed
to prevent all processes from reading, terminating,or changing any
My experience: I saw an obvious malware announcement,like,
hypothetically, "Your system is deeply infested by malware. Do you
want malware removers now from Microsoft?" or the like. I tried to
reboot, and the
system froze, but a few attempts allowed me to reboot. When I was
back to my MS desktop, I accessed my MSSE and sure enough the MSSE had
determined the malware was RogueJS/Fake PAV.(trojan).
No damage was done because Process Guard had prevented all
execution of unrecognized processes,which had not been specified as
white list during Learning Mode. Wilders Security and also Gizmo
Richard's Tech Support Alerts moderated forum both state that classic
HIPS like PG are very advanced and effectual antimalware applications.
My question: XP will be cast aside by MS very, very soon. Will
classic HIPS (like PG), supplemented by a strong firewall (OA), and a
strong antimalware like MSSE survive well when MS ceases to patch any
aspect of XP. How do you view that,please.

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