MSI Z170A Gaming M7 Motherboard


Mar 25, 2003
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Vortez have been taking a closer look at the MSI Z170A Gaming M7 motherboard - here's a brief snippet:

The GAMING M7 is, unsurprisingly, a motherboard for gamers. Even so, it performs more than lip-service to the idea of overclocking by adding more robust power circuitry and cooling to the basic design. It’s not quite as kitted out with heatspeaders and PCB shrouds as its bigger brother, but comparisons to the GAMING M5 certainly throw it into start relief thanks to some cool aesthetics and nifty automated overclocking tools. So, whilst you don’t see water cooling ports or ‘PCB armour’, you probably won’t feel hard done by if stretching the legs of your CPU is in your future.

Read the full review at Vortez


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