MSI Z170A X-Power Gaming Titanium


Mar 25, 2003
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Vortez have published their review of the MSI Z170A X-Power Gaming Titanium motherboard - here's a brief look:

In the past MSI has divided its overclocking and gaming motherboard product lines and its obvious to see why such decisions have been made. Overclocking predominately focusses on the enthusiast who demands on-the-fly tools and features for monitoring/adjusting temperatures, while gamers typically require features which are associated with performance, speed and latency. Today we’re to take a look at a product which combines both groups together – blending a whole host of useful features from the two camps.

MSI’s Z170A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM is primarily designed to push the limits of your hardware while offering an all-encompassing feature-set. Not only is this motherboard backed by a strong lineup of features but it also takes motherboard styling to a whole new level with a unique silver PCB.

Read the full review at Vortez


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