MSI transform



Hi again.
Am I correct in assuming that this question has no answer?
I posted this a week ago. I have researched the issue,
exhausting all of my sources, but have found no answer to
my query except that I might want to buy a program from
Veritas.(I don't want to.. Veritas' software is flakey at
best when dealing with GPO installs. I want something
This Microsoft list is my last resource. Perhaps I am
posting to the wrong group? Perhaps there is no way to do


I have what I hope will be a simple question.
I am using Win2k server and workstations and use GPOs to
install software quite often.
Recently I received a software package from a vendor that
is compatible with MSI. The only thing is that I need to
create an msi transform to add a few pieces of info to
the install such as Serial numbers.

I have not made an msi transform before. Can someone walk
me through the steps or guide me to this info?



Heiko Pliefke


Just load the MSI in Orca, choose "Transform/New Transform" , add your
pieces of info and "Generate Tranform".

The command-line for isntalling a package with transform should look lke

More than one MST must be delimited with ';'.

We use InstallShield-AdminStudio for repackaging - it has a built-in
feature to create Transforms - you just have to specify the base-msi and
the "target-msi" with changed values.

You can also use the editor of your choice, load the base-msi, add your
pieces of information and save the "target" as a new file. Then use the
SDK-Tool "Msitran.exe" to generate the MST between both MSIs:

Some info:

HTH, regards


Looking at Orca it doesn't provide a gui to represent the steps the msi goes
through in collecting the required info. Is there a free mst creator that
does this like the Custom Installation Wizard does for Office?

Otherwise, is there a particular section of an msi that should be
created/modified to hold the customisation info? Any documentation available
for Orca?

Many thanks

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