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I have developed an installer which has several features. I need to generate
customised installers containing each/combination of these features. I have
create d transforms by setting of the display level of the features that are
not desired to zero. I do the installation of a particular feature using a
transform. Now when I want to add another feature to the existing
installation, I run the base MSI using the second transform. I find that the
product selection panel shows only the features installed first time and I
am not able to add another feature using transforms.

Install feature 1: Base MSI + transform1
Add feature 2: Base MSI + transform2 - not working
Base MSI + transform1+transform2 - not working

Is this the right thing to do ? If I want to modify the already installed
feature, what is the approach to be followed ?




Carolyn Napier [MSFT]

A transform can only be applied at initial installation or advertisement. You
can't go back and add new transforms after the product has been installed. It's
possible that a patch (.MSP) could be used to alter the installed product.

- Carolyn Napier

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