Applying MST to MSI automatically



It is possible that this question has been asked frequently, but a
day's worth of research on internet didn't yield any result.

Here are the requirements:
1. We have a desktop app made in C#
2. We are using MSI to package/ship/deploy it.
3. We are using 2003 Setup project to make the MSI.
4. We don't want the Disk Cost button and the "Everyone" "Just Me"
radio box.
5. We have a nightly build system that should, without user
intervention, provide us with the required MSI.
5. We modify the MSI with Orca to get a MST transform that removes
these button and radio box.
6. We do not want to buy a third party software to do this.

So here's the question
Is there a way I can apply the MST on MSI with a command line tool to
get a new modified MSI. Basically what I am looking for is X where,
prompt:\>X mymsi.msi mymst.mst
will give me mymodifiedmsi.msi

I believe that in Win2000 there was a tool called MSITRAN which did
this but is not available in win Xp or 2003.

Any ideas would be welcome.



Actually, ha, the answer was as simple as downloading the Windows
Installer SDK and using MSITRAN.
So please ignore this posting.


Could you please put up in steps (about how exactly you solved ur issue) the
way you did to explain your issue. It will be great help for all of us.

Thanks in Advance.


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