troubles installing msi on NT 4



Hi guys,

little question:

I am trying to install an msi package onto an nt4 workstation.
The package comprises a transform (mst) file.

I noticed that the syntax to perform such install is different between
XP PRO and NT4 WS.

On XP, the transform file is given as follows: TRANSFORMS=[mst file],
whereas I think in NT4 was /T [mst file].

Does that actually depends on the version of Windows Installer loaded
on the system ?
Maybe I just answered my own questions, but I would like an insight on
this if anybody can help.

The problem is I need to silently install an application to both XP
and NT4 boxes and would like a commmon approach.

Thanx to all,



Carolyn Napier [MSFT]

Installation of a product with a transform is still accomplished in the same
way on both XP and NT4. The example command line for a silent installation
with a transform would be something like:

msiexec /i mypackage.msi TRANSFORMS=mycustomization.mst /qn

The "/t" switch is used to specify transforms when performing an
advertisement of the product. This is where you only install the product
registration and entry points (shortcuts, file extension registration, CLSID
info) but not the files. The /t switch is used on both NT4 and XP for
specifying a transform during advertisement. The example command line for a
per-machine advertisement with transform is shown below:

msiexec /jm mypackage.msi /t mycustomization.mst /qn

For more information, consult
and the whitepaper at

Hope this helps,
- Carolyn Napier
Microsoft Windows Installer Team

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