MS updates BSOD my laptop today



I installed the updates MS released today for my Vista Premium. I then
restarted and get a flash of BSOD and reboots. I've tried safe-mode
and "last known good..." I get the same flash of BSOD and it re-boots. Is
there a way to remove the last updates or someway to get it back up. It is
not a hardware problem as I have Linux installed on the same laptop. (which
I am using now.) I just got it configured like I want it and don't want to
start over.




Try booting from your Vista CD and after language selection choose the repair
option. If it doesn't find your hard drive you may have to provide the sata /
raid / etc. driver on floppy. Then during startup repair you may be asked if
you wish to use system restore. This will set you back to a previous restore
point, prior to the installation of the MS updates, without affecting
personal files or data.

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