MS Entertainment 8000 Kbd & Mouse junk.



My Kbd and Mouse are junk.
The kbd battery runs down in minutes sometimes even after overnight charge.
Sometimes it stays active for hours.

The Mouse sits on the charger and sometimes has a red flashing light and
sometimes a blue light that pulses.
What's up with that.

THE BIGGEST PROBLEM is that with Windows Vista Ultimate the Keyboard and
Mouse go dead when a thumb drive in plugged in or out for up to several
Also when Vista goes to sleep or whatever with the User Icon present the
mouse is totally dead while the disk is accessed for several minutes.
The keyboard is also dead so I cannot get in to see what is going on.
MS Spyware probably.
I have antivirus Avast, Spybot and Spywareblaster active but I will be it is
MS indexing that is chewing up my CPU usage.
All junk.
And Vista Ultimate and I am sure all other incarnations of Vista as well as
XP and also likely Windows 7 are all ergonomically junk.
Quit the glitz and focus on usability.
e.g. the mouse scroll is not related to the mouse click so when you move a
mouse over windows explorer left pane the scroll wheel should scroll that
pans and likewise with the right pane without clicking and losing that was
highlighted in the other pane.

You know, just like the people who correctly programmed Outlook to do it the
right way.
And MS support is dead. Spent hours on the phone and all they could do was
reinstall drivers that did nothing.
I reinstalled the USB and the 8000 drivers and software to no avail.
It is intrinsic in the Vista OS to be crap.

Bottom line, is there any way to make the 8000 set the highest USB or
service or whatever priority in this Vista crap OS?

Cross posted because I am cross and old and crotchety and am totally pissed!



My MS Entertainment 8000 Keyboard & Mouse have been working flawlessly
since I got it about a year ago.
It worked great on my Vista machine and now works great on my Windows 7 beta
I can plug the Bluetooth transceiver into my 10 year old laptop (running
Windows XP) and a few seconds later it is working great on that machine.

Sounds like you might have a hardware problem with your USB controller.
Maybe you should buy a USB plug in card and bypass your built in motherboard
USB ports.

Sometimes I don't have the mouse sitting on the charger quite right and a
little bit of wiggling will sit it right and get the green flashing light
going indicating that it is charging.

I once let the keyboard batteries run down too far and had to charge them
back up in an external battery charger. But no problems since then as I
charge up the keyboard a little more frequently.

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