MS mouse and keyboard - Windows keeps wanting to install drivers


Andrew Murray

My system is Vista Ultimate. I have a wired MS basic optical mouse 'v2.0'
Optical, and wired MS keyboard 600.

When Windows has started, it keeps wanting to install device drivers for the
keyboard and mouse even though they work OK. In device manager they are
loaded correctly as "Microsoft Wired Optical Mouse 2.0" and "Microsoft Wired
Keyboard 600" but the system still detects these as "new hardware" and runs
the hardware detection wizard thing and tries to find the drivers for these
on the HDD and through Windows Update, even though they are already running
with the latest drivers. The "Intelli" software is version 7.1.

I have tried:

- Uninstalling (deleting) the mouse and keyboard from Device Manager and
letting the system redetect and reinstall them (eventually returns to same

- Uninstalled and reinstalled the Intellipoint / Intellitype software.

- Plugged Mouse/Keyboard into different USB ports.

I don't have another alternate keyboard or mouse (PS/2 style) to try at this
time. This problem's not really serious, just annoying. Meantime, any
suggestions to resolve this will be helpful.




Andrew Murray

I have a work around for this issue.

I managed to reinstall my wireless mouse/keyboard set but still wonder why
Windows couldn't install even a "basic" driver for the kb/mouse as below.

I'm now running Intellisense 6.1.

I have a feeling that the hardware installer wizard is looking for the CD
information and won't recognise the Intelli- software files as stand alone
because I tried the search and it says it can't find the driver files. Have
the Intelli software 6.1 on CD and it installed without issues for the
wireless k/b and mouse.

I'm still interested in a solution for the problem below.



Andrew Murray

13th_Panther said:
it sounds to me like windows still is tring to install the mouse and
key board .
it might not be compatible with your system .

also you can go into windows update and on the left side click where it
reads restore hidden updates or hide updates .

then you can remove them from the list in the updates .

Thanks for the reply.

Microsoft hardware not compatible with Microsoft Windows? That's a first.

However the system requirements state for the Keyboard: Win 7, Vista, XP and
for the Mouse: Vista, XP, 2000, 98. The mouse packaging says "Certified for
Windows Vista", the keyboard packaging says "Compatible with Windows 7".

There are no hidden updates to do with drivers/hardware - only a bunch of
language packs that I don't use.

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