mpeg has no video except in Mediaplayer


Chris Thorns

I have a few .mpeg files recorded from WinTV using WinDVR.
MediaPlayer version 9 can play them, with video and
audio. However, MovieMaker2 does not show the video!

If I right-click on the file in MovieMaker 2, the
properties show: file type "video with audio", bitrate
224 kbps; the audio properties are 224kbps, 2 channels,
sample rate 44.1. All the video properties are blank.

What's going on, guys? Is there some codec in the
MediaPlayer path that isn't in the MoveiMaker path?

Apologies if this is wrongly posted.

Any help appreciated - Chris

Al Lounsbury


I feel your pain. In fact in my case I record my mpeg2 files with moviemill
(emuzed software) and sometimes the mpeg2 files load on moviemaker as
expected and other times I get just the sound and no video as you posted.
And likewise, these files always play properly in mediaplayer with no

In my case, when this problem occurs I run the video file through the
convert video utility with my old version of Ulead ( software
from mpeg2 to mpeg2 which always solves the problem with no loss of video

Hope that helps.


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