MPEG Problem




A few months ago,I purchased a Centrios DVD recorder and copied my parent's
entire home video (Hi-8 and Mini-DV) collection onto DVD+Rs. The Centrios
unit finalizes, i.e., formats the DVDs, I believe in an .MPEG format. The
original copies play in all DVD players and on all computers that I've tried
so far.

I am attempting to use Movie Maker to edit the videos thematically, as the
scenes are presently random. I copied a test DVD to my hard drive and the
file formats that show up in two separate file folders (Video_RM and
Video_TS) are, in the _RM folder: one IFO file, one .DAT and one .BUP, and in
the _TS folder: two IFO files, three .VOBs, and two .BUPs.

Movie Maker would not recognize any of the files, so I copied the first two
(largest) .VOB files in the _TS folder and saved them as .MPEG. I am now able
to import the .MPEG files into Movie Maker and the audio works but not the
video. The properties for the imported files show the source file as "Video
with audio" and a 224 kbps bit rate. No information is indicated under the
video section, but the audio shows the 224 kbps bit rate, 2 channels and a
smaple rate of 48 kHz.

Note that both of the copied files open with WinDVD and Windows Media Player
and video and audio are present in both. I'm at a loss. Any suggestions or
help would be most appreciated.

Thank you.






The files on the DVD are technically MPEG videos but they are in DVD format
meaning they will only play in a DVD player (Media Player IS a DVD player so
they play in it) but not in Movie Maker.

The videos actually need to be "ripped" from the DVD which will create MPEG
files which should then be converted into AVI files to import into Movie
Maker. You have many options as to programs to use to do this, I use Nero
7's Recode. For more specific information see this page on Papajohn's

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