Moving system folders to a different partition?



XP Home SP-2 on a laptop.
This is a new laptop so I am trying to get started right. As usual I have a
System partition (and Programs) folder and a Data partition. I already know
about moving the "My Documents" folder and the outlook Express messages
folder to the Data partition so as not to lose my data if I need to reformat
and re-install Windows. My question is:

1. what other data folders does XP have in C:\ that I could move to my data
partition. Anything in "Documents and Settings" or similar to OE's data
files that I could move for safe-keeping out of the system partition?

2. I know how to import my old messages into OE. But how do I import my
newsgroups contents from my old PC to my new one?




TweakUI for XP: Open it and go to My Computer > Special Folders where you'll
find an option to change the location of many folders.

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