Free Giveaway - Partition Master



I spotted this in the Freeware newsgroup - *and have now tried it*!


Here's my followup post there:-

Thank you so much for that 'occam'!

I've now downloaded, installed and registered the software on my old
Dell machine, which is still running Windows XP SP3.

*It works*!

When I replaced the hard drive some months ago and transferred old data
to the new hard drive, without electing to do so deliberately, I ended
up with two partitions - a C: drive and an E: drive as shown here:- Management screenshot 13 Jan 2013.JPG?dl=0

I've now used the partition master software to make one single
partition, viz:- Management Screenshot (2) 13 Jan 2013.JPG?dl=0

I'm delighted, so thanks once again!


Nope, but it is much safer to use those instead of using in Windows
since anything can conflict to mess up disk stuff.

Thanks, Ant! :)

You may or may not know the answer to this question .....

Can such a boot disk be used to start an Apple computer?


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