Moving Outlook Calendar to Public Folder



Hi There,

We are running Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003.

I have a user who has created a calendar in her personal Outlook account,
that should really be in the Public Folders for others to access and modify.
However I am having difficulty moving it. Here is the structure
Administrative Groups|Exchange Servers|Folders|Public Folders|Calendars.
Within the Calendars folder is where we keep all public calendars. I have
created a new folder for this calendar and given the user fill control to
this folder. Then from her Outlook, I right click the calendar I want to move
and select copy (copy first, then delete) I select the folder that I have
just created as the destination and click "ok." I then get an error that says
this user does not have permissions to create sub folders. I then went and
gave her full control permissions at the Public Folders level and all the way
down, but i still continue to get the error.

All the permissions are being set on the Exchange Server and the copying is
being done oh her machine in her Outlook.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks much!!

Diane Poremsky {MVP}

are you trying to move the folder or the contents? use a group by view,
select all, then move. Delete the folder from her mailbox once empty.

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