Calendaring with Shared Calendars



We are running Exchange 2003 with Windows XPSP3 on the desktops with Outlook
2003 SP3. I have created a shared calendar in the public folder, for a
department to use, and copied the shared folder to the calendar of the person
that administers the calendar, who has owner rights to the calendar.

When other people update the public calendar, she does not see their entries
on her copy. When she makes an entry on the shared calendar, they do not
appear on her copy. If she enters an appointment on her copy, it does not
show in the shared calendar.

What am I missing here? SHould this all work?





No that won't work. The copy is not linked to the original.
You should drag the public folder to her favorites or right click it
and choose 'add to favorites'
this way it will show under 'other calendars' as a shortcut to the
actual public folder.


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