Disabling reminders in non-Default Calendar

Mar 6, 2009
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Due to restrictions imposed by my employer I cannot share my office Outlook 2007 Calendar with my wife at home using the normal Outlook Calendar sharing (We have an Exchange 2003 environment and you can only share a calendar with someone in the Global Address list and our IT dept. won't add my wife's e-mail address to it).

I am using the ShareCalendar program from 4team Corp, which monitors my calendar, packs any new appointments and updates and sends them to my wife in a mail message where they are unpacked and added to a copy of my calendar held in her Outlook 2007. So she has her normal "Calendar" folder with her own appointments in it, and a separate "Hubby's Calendar" folder with all of my appointments.

The product works very well and we both now have our own standard calendars and a copy of each others Calendar. So far so good.

The problem my wife has is that she is now getting reminders for all of my meetings in the "Hubby's Calendar" folder - and this is driving her nuts.

Is there any way to configure Outlook 2007 so that only her standard Calendar generates reminders but that items in the "Hubby's Calendar" do not. This was the behaviour that we used to have in Outlook 2003 and we would like to get back to that with Outlook 2007.


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