moving mail


Peter Hatzis

Hello. We have a Win2003 domain with exchange 2003. Microsoft Outlook 2003
is configured to store mail to Exchange (no pst).
Except from Exchange, we are also using and an other mail system,
communigate Pro.
In order to view communigate's mailbox in Outlook you install their mapi
client and configure an "Additional Server Types" mail account.
When done, the mailbox tree appears in outlook (Inbox, Sent etc)

The problem is when i try to move one email from, for example, communigate's
Sent folder, to Exchange's Sent folder.
I get the error "mailbox does not exist" . The communigate support told that
is may be an Exchange error an should check log files. Doing so with
standard logs (application, system etc), didn't see anything.I know that
Exchange have several logging options in system manager. But i don't know
what should i enable or not.

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks a lot




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