deleted/lost folders



I had my email set up for one exchange acct, and two Pop 3s. I went under
email accounts, removed the exchange one, and messed everything up! Every
thing left, all I have is some archive folders with sent mail.

I can send mail, and received it, but can't go to sent mail, as it is old
archived from the deleted exchange account.

I clicked on "new data file", got a Personal Folders, .pst, can see it in
the nagivation pane, but nothing goes into it.

Basically, I just need to get my folders back for the remaining two POP
accounts. I want just the original default folders, inbox, sent, etc......
like when you first set outlook up. I think because I was on an exchange,
and a vpn (this is my home computer connecting to work server) when I removed
it, programming was lost, etc.....




Roady [MVP]

If you had your POP3 accounts configured to deliver your email to the
Exchange mailbox, then you removed them together with the Exchange account.
Assuming you had a live connection to the Exchange server when removing the
account, all your data should still be on the Exchange server. Adding the
Exchange account again will give you access to your mails. You can then move
them to a pst-file and remove the account again.

Otherwise, you'll have to restore the ost-file from backup and then use a
System Restore to a previous date to get access to the data stored in the
ost-file again.

If you don't have a backup of your ost-file either, your data is gone.

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