Moving indent markers doesn't work!



Anyone run across 'renegade' text where the indents are independent from the
indent markers on the ruler, and moving the markers has no effect on the
indent? (PPT 2003)

This happens "sometimes", and i can't figure out a cause, but ocurrs when
pasting certain text (either from another file, or from the exact same
presentation), and exhibits the symptoms regardless of whether you choose
source or destination formatting when pasting.

There appears to be no cure, for copy/paste transfers the symptoms! You have
to recreate the text box and re-type some of the words (copy/pasting PART of
the afflicted paragraph sometimes works). The other day, this happened inside
a table cell, and the only workaround was inserting a new row, re-typing the
text, and then deleting the culprit.

Any help with the diagnosis??

Thanks & HNY!


TAJ Simmons


Things to try

1) when pasting - put the text into NOTEPAD, while in notepad move around
the text with the cursor keys, do you notice anything strange

2) strange things to look out for in the text - extra spaces, extra 'tabs',

3) When the text is then re-pasted from notepad to powerpoint, simply apply
the 'bullet' levels either by using the 'tab' key or by using the
'promote/denote' buttons on the toolbar.

That should sort out the problem.

TAJ Simmons
Microsoft Powerpoint MVP

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powerpoint backgrounds, free samples, ppt tutorials...

Echo S

I've run across text that centers, no matter what. It's cause by a text
anchor point of middle centered. (Format | Object | Textbox | Text Anchor
Point dropdown.) This isn't exactly the same as what you're describing, but
I thought I'd toss it out anyway.



I will definately do that - keep on forgetting about NOTEPAD (old faithful)
when it comes to clearing of all formatting!! Thanks for the response & i'll
report back with any insights


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