Rid "Hanging Indent"



Hi there,
I have a table within PowerPoint. I've copied text from
Word into a cell within the table. The cell appears to
have a hanging indent. But, the ruler and paragraph
markers show that there is not a hanging indent. I want
the text all left alligned. If I choose
Format|Allignmnet, it says that it is left alligned. If
I insert a table and just type the text, it's alligned
properly. Help!

Any ideas??? (besides retyping all of the Word text?)

Bill Dilworth

My guess is that you cut and pasted (or special pasted) the table from Word
into PowerPoint.

If you double click on the cell with the hanging indent, it should open a
smallish window that has the table in it. If the ruler is visible at the
top of the window, then just drag the lower caret (arrow-like thingy on the
top ruler) to the left edge. If the ruler in this box is not visible, then
while the box is still selected in double click mode, click on the View =>
Rulers from the menu to make it visible.

Does this eradicate the hanging indent?

Bill Dilworth
Microsoft PPT MVP Team
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