Delete paragraph indent markers from PPT.



I am editing a PPT presentation that has piles and piles of paragraph indent
markers. Even when I slide them all to the left, there is a huge chunk of the
text box that is blank, and I have to position all the text - in the boxes -
identically on each slide.

So, I just want to delete some of the indent markers from the ruler so they
aren't all stacked up like an abacus. MS has no answers.


Echo S

Select the text, click the Promote button on the toolbar or ribbon
repeatedly until the text moves all the way to the left.


What Echo said. If the text is still not ligning up maybe a tab was used to
set the indent. Unfortunately there is no way to see if a tab was used in
the box like in Word.
You may see a tab marker in the ruler or not, depending on whether the
standard tabs (little grey markers) where used or not. That could account
for the big white space that is still there after you slide the paragraph
indent markers.

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