Hanging Indent/Left indent marker



I have inherited a ppt presentation and am making some updates, but am having
trouble with the hanging indent of bulleted text. For some reason, I cannot
change the hanging indent. When I move the left indent marker (the little
triangle on the bottom) in the ruler area, it has no effect on the text. The
text remains indented approximately 3/8". Even if I drag the marker way out
3 or 4 inches, the text indentation doesn't move at all.

Moving the first-line indent marker (the inverted triangle on the top) does
move the text in as expected.

I created a new text box, and verified the left indent marker worked, then
copied my bulleted text and pasted it into a the text box. But, for these
lines that I paste into the text box, moving the marker still has no effect
on them. However, if I type new text on separate lines, the marker will work
for those lines only, leaving the pasted bulleted lines unchanged.

When I look at the master slide, everything seems to be in order.

Any idea what's going on? Could this be a bug in PowerPoint related to
sharing of presentations across different users? I'd rather not retype all
the bullets in this presentation, so I would love to hear if anyone has a



No, no tab markers. I tried inserting some just to see what would happen,
but it didn't change things (unless of course I entered some tabs into the

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