Moviefile won´t save correctly, only .bmp and .wav



I´m using stills and music to create a movie. Everything´s ok, but when I try
to save the Moviefile to my computer, it either hangs up or speed the process
up after a while, and the saved film has all the music but only part of the

It totally corresponds to the problems descibed with file type
incompatibility, but I have converted all the files to .bmp, and the music to
..wav. I also disabled the filters. But nothing seems to matter.

The movie pictures stop at different places every time.

Small projects saves ok. I´m using XP.

Tips on what to try next would be appreciated.


Thanks a lot.

I have tried Photo Story 3, but I didn´t think it fit my pupose just as well
as WMM. Your tips about combining them might just be it!


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