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Mary Ann

I am inserting a movie into a presentation which will be projected on to a
screen via a digital projector. I see from the PowerPoint Help that the movie
may appear distorted when it is shown full screen or even just enlarged,
depending on the resolution of the original movie file. What is the
resolution which appears distorted and how can I find out the resolution of
the movie?. I have also seen that movies have an aspect ratio and if the
aspect ratio of the movie and the presentation are different, the movie will
be distorted. How can I find out what aspect ratio the movie has?
Also, in the movie Size and Position dialogue box there is the option to
select the best scale for the slide show and then there is the requirement to
set a resolution. What does this resolution refer to? Is it the resolution of
the laptop/PC monitor to which the digital projector is connected or does the
projector have a resolution? Why is it the best – the movie still seems small.
Any insight into these matters will be greatly appreciated.



TAJ Simmons

Mary Ann,

1st stop - find out the resolution of your projector. As the projector will
just show what is on the computer.

If the resolution is 1024 x 768 (that's 1024 dots or pixels left to right
and 768 dots or pixels top to bottom)

That's an 'aspect ratio' or 4:3 (sometimes called 1.33)

it's 1.33 times wider than it is taller.

So long as your movie is the same or a similar resolution then all will be

If you movie is 800x600 - that's fine too as it's also 4:3 (1.33) ratio

TAJ Simmons
Microsoft Powerpoint MVP
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