Trouble playing movies in a PPT



I have Office 2007 running on XP Pro with service pack 3 installed. I am
having trouble getting a movie to play in a PPT presentation. I follow the
instructions, and the movie inserts in the slide. I click the box under movie
options that says "Best resolution for slide show" or something like that.But
when I click Preview the movie runs for 3 seconds then stops. The movie is a
wmv file and it plays perfectly in WMV. The presentation plays fine if I
delete the movie slide.

I have tried this on another laptop I own and it works fine. Same movie.
Same OS.

I thought it might have something to do with the resolution of my laptop

Any suggestions? TIA.


Thanks for the tip. Lucy. Unfortunately, nothing in the tutorial worked for
me. I must be missing a codec, it wouldn't run in the mci player or the GSpot
player and G-Spot can't spot it (Codec status Undetermined). But I emailed
them and someone has gotten back to me. I'm stumped, because the same movie
plays fine in WMP, and also on another laptop I have running PPT 2007 and XP

Lucy Thomson


I'm not a video expert, but I seem to recall that re-installing windows
media player can help with messed up codecs (and certainly won't do any
harm). Might be worth a try:

When I insert videos I always run them through Plays For Certain to be on
the safe side. I believe there is a fully functioning demo you can try for


Lucy Thomson
PowerPoint MVP
MOS Master Instructor

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