Communication Issues Between PPT and Projector



In my company presentations we have an animated opening (.wmv) and in the
middle we have mini-"fly-throughs (.wmv). When I run the presentation on my
laptop, everything runs smoothly, the transition between the movies and the
slides is seamless. However, when I run the presentation on my laptop ( or
any laptop) displyed via a projector on to a screen I get a "blip" between my
movies and my slides. Even though the presentation is running smoothly on my
laptop screen, when you look at the projected image, the projector is
"searching for data" and by the time it catches up the movie is almost over.

Is this a PPT "packaging" issue or a projector issue? I'm leaning toward a
projector issue. And if it is the projector, is there a particular type of
projector that I need to purchase in order to resolve this problem?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


Austin Myers

Actually, it is probably a video chip set issue with the lap top. Contact
the laptop manufacture and explain it to them and see if they have a
solution/new driver. I would also consider buying a PCMICA video adapter
for the lap top.

Austin Myers
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP Team

Creator of PFCPro, PFCMedia and PFCExpress


This is an indication of the full screen video setting in the display driver.
For NVIDIA it's actually called Full Screen Mode and you can find the option
in the NIVIDIA control panel. ATI calls it Theater Mode and can be found in
the Catalyst control panel. These settings will appear differently depending
on the driver version you have for either brand. You should be connected to
the projector or other external display to make the adjustment. My Intel
graphics system is on the road so I can't check that one now but I don't
recall it having the full screen options. If you have trouble finding these
options post back with your display adapter make, model, and driver version
and I can give you more detailed info.


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