Movie maker crashes crashes after seven items Help Me!



Having tried all the suggestions , and having un installed my webcam software
I can now get movie maker to work - after a fashion
HOWEVER, after repeated trials, I find that on trying to load the eighth
image or video clip to the story board WMM crashes and I get returned to desk
Seven items on the story board works fine BUT try to add an eighth one and
WMM crashes .
I have tested this out many times always with the same result


My website's Problem Solving > Crashes and Hangs page might help.

I'm not aware of anything that limits the number of clips in a project...


Yes exactly the same thing happens to me, and it only started after I
installed XP SP3


Graham Hughes said:
What happens if you use system restore and remove SP3?


Graham Hughes
MVP Digital Media

Thanks Graham. Restoring it back to a pre SP3 time will prove if it was SP3 that caused it. I already have tried uninstalling SP3, and it was the same. Then I reinstalled it, and still no luck. I'll have to be sure I go back to the 1st SP3 instal date though!!!
Yes it is a very strange thing. Add 7 pictures is OK. Add the eighth, and
Movie Maker dissappears, andyou're left with the desktop instantaneously!!!!
I've never seen a thing like it before!!! Like, no hanging, no warning,
nothing!!! It's like I wasn't using MM at all!!

Thanks Graham. I'll report back soon.

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