Movie Maker AVI Problems



I have a new computer running Vista and Movie Maker 6.0. I take videos with
a Flip camcoder that outputs AVI - DIVX MPEG 4 format. When I load the
videos on the computer I can view them fine using the Window Media Player,
but when I load them in Windows Movie Maker I can only hear the audio and can
not see the video.

Being new to working with video I am totally confused. I see all of these
codec packages that claim to be the answer to all your problems, but I am a
little concerned that they may not solve the problem and cause problems
somewhere else on my computer.

These videos fine using MM ver 5.1 on my old XP computer.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to safely solve this problem?

Thank you,


I was having some problems with my Movie Maker, also, that were caused by
damaged codecs. The files would play fine in Media Center and Media Player,
but I also got only sound and some distorted green flickering video. I
installed K-Lite codec pack, using only the minimum codecs. It has the
ability to find damaged codecs. I think it is a pretty good program and has
caused no other problems with my computer. It did solve my problem with
Movie Maker. Back up your computer so that you can return to a previous
state if you are worried, then install the program and let it run with just
it minimum options. (I downloaded the mega version.) You may need some codec
that is not installed and K-Lite does install some Divx codecs. Good luck.

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