Movie Maker Can't Make Movies??



I am running Vista Home Premium, with Windows Movie Maker version
6.0.6000.16386. I've always had problems with it closing it's self when I try
and import a video file (seems to be no rhyme or reason, just videos in
general). I finally thought I had gotten around that, by converting my videos
to .wmv, or certain types of .avi. However, now it closes it's self when I
try and publish the movie. So, my conclusion, after many hours of struggling
with it, is: Movie maker can't make movies. It does fine with just audio, or
with pictures. But it absolutely WILL NOT work with video. Of any format.
I've tried wmv, avi, mpg, divx... even files that I made IN movie maker (the
couple times I've gotten it to work).
Anyone have any ideas? Oh, and I've had the same results on two Vista PCs.
So it's not just my computer.


It's not your computer, its the Vista on the computer. I have heard of many
others having the same problem, and not on this newsboard. It's just Vista.
Return to WinXP if you can.

Graham Hughes

:) Bob

MM still prefers to use certain file types and using others can cause

What happens if you just use the vista provided wmv video file, does it
If yes, it works with videos and you need to sort out the array of video
file types you are using. If not, then it is most likely something that's
been added to the pc that's causing it to fail, anything from a video
related app to a codec can cause this, such as adding the divx codec for
watching the divx files.

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