Movie glitch within slide show - help!


Movie Glitch

I have a slide within a slide show. This slide contains a movie clip that
plays as soon as the slide show transitions to this slide. At the end of the
clip the slide is suppose to transition to the next slide.
At the end of the movie clip i want the movie to stop on the last image of
the movie and then transition to the next slide.
The issue i am having is at the end of the movie the slide show "glitches"
and then resets back to the first image of the movie clip, and then
transitions to the next slide.
How do i fix this so the movie plays and then transitions smoothly to the
next slide. it is only an 800x600 movie clip.


Troy @ TLC

There are few factors, so will need some additional info to help.
- What version of PPT
- What OS (XP, Vista, Win 7)
- What format is the video (.wmv, .mpg, .avi, etc.)

Basically, PPT inserts a reference image where the video is to play. The
reference image is the first frame of the video. The video actually plays on
top of the slide (on top of the reference image). When the video is done, it
closes and shows the slide - and the reference video. This is the 'glitch'
being seen.

Easy solution is to start video with a black frame and end video with a
black frame to hide the transition. Other options are there based on above

Movie Glitch

Using PPT 2007
Windows 2000
..wmv file

Need to try and find a different way because i don't have video editing
software to add the black frames.


You can do this
With W movie maker, take a picture of the last image of the film (a jpeg one
is OK)
Insert your image on top of the video, with same size. make an animation for
this image Open After previous.

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